Friday, April 14, 2023

Johnny Strikes Up the Band

I've been on a Warren Zevon kick recently. Not sure why. Maybe it's me going back and rediscovering old favorites I've forgotten? Not going to complain though! As I was listening to one of his albums on Spotify, the song "Johnny Strikes up the Band" came on. That song made me remember I had some cards I'd gotten in the mail from the near daily giveaways from Johnny's Trading Spot that I'd yet to show off.

TJ Friedl is the top card even though it's hard for you to see the name. The other two are Nick Lodolo cards. Both are members of the Reds youth movement this year. While the season is still young, the Reds are playing much better than they did at this point last year and are a really fun team to watch.

A few more random Reds cards. The Graham Ashcraft card is some sort of parallel from Series 1 this year. I have no idea what type of parallel though.

Oooh! Shiny cards and black border cards! Apologies for the glare on these. I'm not familiar with the Guardians prospects. I probably should look them up.

My first taste of 2023 Big League. It's alright I guess. Whenever Card Barrel does a sale, I'll probably nab some singles.

More shiny cards including another Nick Lodolo. Really dig the Jesse Winker card too.

And I saved the best for last! A really cool 1984 Reds pocket schedule! 

Thanks for the cool stuff John!


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  1. The schedule was a nice add to your prize. Aside from "Werewolves of London", the only Zevon that I've heard is his last album, which I liked quite a bit. I keep meaning to go back and try to listen to some of his older stuff, but have yet to do so.